• Infographic – Training Progress for Ironman Lanzarote 2014 in 2013

    First of all a Happy New Year to you all! I truly hope you can achieve all your dreams in 2014 on a personal, work and sportive front.

    For me 2014 will be the year where I gave up my addictive habit to cigarettes for 9 years and have since exchanged my addiction to Triathlon and now Ironman.

    Training daily could become mundane; one of the things that keep me motivated is looking at the numbers. For me keeping track of my progress is key to my daily tasks.

    Here is an infographic which I created that illustrates my first 8 weeks of training for Ironman Lanzarote 2014, I included also some key data about our competitors!

    I have been seriously sick for two days on 22nd/23rd of December, as such there was a huge drop in my weight. I need to keep a close eye on this!

    Where limits don’t Apply!


    PS: Feel free to copy the code or download the file below and share the infographic on your own blog ….

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    Ironman Training Lanzarote 2014 Progress Infographic

    Ironman Training Lanzarote 2014 Progress Infographic

  • Ironman Video’s – Motivational and Epic Video’s

    Every now and again everybody needs some motivation. When people put in a lot work to reach their objective it will be often that we start wondering. Why? We all need a driving force why we do things now in order to achieve them later. Why am I running at 80% of my HR now? Why am I swimming 3K today? For me it is vital to have a goal in front of me. Sometimes there are a number of things that can spur on your motivation at that moment in time. For me it seems to help to switch on some of the below video’s.

    The objectives of these video’s are two-fold:

    1. Spur me on to kick just a bit harder
    2. To keep me entertained during “dead” moments.

    If you ever sit on your indoor bike then switch on the following video’s. Or perhaps when your mind start wondering why you need to ride for 3 hours the day after then switch on one of these Ironman video’s and I’m convinced that you will be fuelled once again.

    Warning: If you are not into Triathlon or Ironman racing then watch these video’s at your own risk. Your life will change, forever!

    I’m listing three types of video’s here for you:

    Motivational Ironman Video’s

    Two steps from hell – Epic music from Archangel

    You will do this – Brag for the rest of your life!

    Pete Jacobs and Leanda Cave going for victory in 2012

    Pay attention to Chrissie Welllington in 2008 at 2:28

    Anyone can do this – The Dick and Chris Hoyt Story

    Epic Ironman Video’s – Must See

    The Julie Moss story ..

     When your body gives up … at least almost

    Two man Side by Side – Macca vs Raelaert

    The Iron War – Mark Allen vs Dave Scott

    Personal Motivational Video’s

    Some of you will hate this … The cycling moments are still epic – Best of Lance Armstrong

    Tom Boonen World champion at the age of 24 – I’m from Belgium

     This is It – Michael Jackson … put the volume to 10!


    Some more video’s … good for your Longer Indoor Bike Sessions


    That’s it now .. get on your bike …


    Train smart!

    Where limits don’t apply


  • Ready set GO!

    That’s it! Ready Set Go

    I officially started my 6 months+ training plan for Ironman Lanzarote 2014. I had a good conversation with my coach on Skype last week.

    Mark trained me for my first IM and during the conversations I asked him to plan in the following:

    • Don’t run too often too early in the season (I got injured last time)
    • Concentrate on cycling
    • Have a rest day on Friday and an easy day on Monday.

    A few things I will need to keep in mond constantly is:

    • Nutritions … Chocolate Milk ;-), 4 meals per day, … fluids (no alcohol)
    • Strength and Flexibility training (YogaMazing?)

    On Saturday I received my eagarly feared training plan … Concentrate on Cycling … First week 6 cycling sessions! This Sunday run 80 minutes after a 45 minute bike! My first swim session was 2.8K, argh … and we are still 6 months away!
    Let’s hope my body will help me cope with this training regime.

    Train Smart!

    Where no limits apply.


  • Getting tired … Yawn, Eat and Sleep – YES

    The last 2 weeks I have taken some complete time off any sport activities on advice of my coach, articles and peers.

    keep_calm_feet_upI managed to accelerate my online businesses; spending time with family, doing some postponed DIY work around the house and just put my feet up. Since last week my daughter has given birth to a baby girl, as this is my first grandchild I was delighted to be able to help during my off time. She is so adorable!

    I have been going much earlier to bed as well, always managed to sleep straight away but for some bizarre reason felt so much more tired when waking up and during the day. I had moments that I couldn’t stop yawning. Has my body gone officially into a winter sleep?

    My triathlon training plan from the last 2 weeks looked like this … Yawn, Eat and Sleep or perhaps in a different order. (Y.E.S)


    I am sure next week I will wish that I was  back sitting with my feet up, in my winter sleep, but right now I am jumping to get started on my 26 week Ironman training plan.

    Bring on next week!

    Where no limits apply!

    Train safe.


  • Marlow 1/2 marathon, beautiful course, but not for me

    Marlow 1/2 marathon, beautiful course, but not for me.

    I had a vasectomy on Friday the 25th of October 2013. Since Tuesday I started to develop some mild constant pains and on Saturday I wanted test if I was able to run. I ran first 10 minutes on the treadmill and started to smile the longer the session was getting on, I couldn’t feel anything. Yippie! My wife then wisely said to have a run outside and check if everything was fine. From the first step onwards I could feel the difference with the treadmill. However pain disappeared shortly after. I ran another 10 minutes.

    I was in the mood to run but knowing that I’m still in pain when sitting I decided not to go ahead as I didn’t want to jeopardise my Ironman training start on the 11th of November. The Marlow event was scheduled to keep me motivated to up my training distance in September and October and it has certainly served that purpose as I ran a few 10 miles+.

    There it was …  As I had convinced my friend Jeff to participate in the Marlow 1/2 marathon I felt really bad. The best I could do was being there for him when it hurts most at the last hill, at the 11 mile marker. I ran with him for a few hundred meters, his pace went right up from 9.5 min/mile to 7 min/mile in the last 2 miles. He finished the hilly course in 1:56, great time and a time for me to beat next year.

    These are some pictures of that beautiful spot at 11 miles.

    Marlow Half Marathon Scenery-2013

    The Marlow strikers done an amazing job, marshal’s and volunteers are very enthusiastic and organising was very smooth.

    Is this what suffering looks like?

    Pain is Temporary Marlow Half Marathon

    I think I made a wise decision not to run; I would not have been a pleasant person this week if I would have been in more pain and possible had to postpone the start of my Ironman Lanzarote training.

    Keep strong, keep fit!

    Where limits don’t apply.



  • Marlow 1/2 Marathon This Sunday

    In the build up for my Ironman 2014 venture I have increased my running for the last 2 months.


    I started going back to 3 sessions a week, one is a speed session (still slow in comparison – let’s say faster then usual), a hill session and then a longer session on Saturday’s or Sunday’s. 

    During the month of October I ran a few 10 miles and to keep me motivated for the longer distances I signed up for the UK 1/2 Marathon in Marlow.

    I have undergone a small Vasectomy surgery or the “snip” last Friday and I feel still some slight discomfort.

    Depending on the healing process I might have to call it a day and otherwise I will soak it up on Sunday at 9:30 in Marlow.

    I have not trained specifically for this course but the scenery looks stunning. 


    Check out the video of the course:

    Wish me luck!

    Where limits don’t apply!

  • Am I excused for not updating this blog?

    I am totally guilty of not updating this blog since 2010.  That’s a confession.

    I have been wondering about the actual reason(s), I guess it is just a combination of several things. I have been working long hours at work (who doesn’t), training for short distance triathlons and training for Ironman Lanzarote 2012, moving house in 2012 and in addition of all this I kept myself sane with maintaining a few online websites.

    Am I excused from not updating this blog?

    No More Excuses

    I don’t think I can be as right now I don’t have any record of my build up to Ironman Lanzarote 2012, which I could have used right now. Why?

    I have signed up again to IM Lanzarote in 2014 and in less than 2 weeks from now, 11th of November I start officially my 6 month training plan with Coach Mark Kleanthous.

    For the coming 6 months I am planning on documenting my journey, my steps and my motivation towards a starting position in Lanzarote and perhaps beyond that.

    You might have noticed that I swapped to the better/other side and started to use WordPress to maintain this blog instead of Quick BlogCast which has limited functionality and could have contribute to the lack of updates (that is an excuse!)

    I would love to hear from you if you are planning on spending dark winter nights training for any endurance event. Just leave a comment below.

    No more excuses from me … you will get updates!

    Where no limits apply!


  • London Triathlon 2010 – The results …

    On Sunday 8th of August  I participated in the biggest triathlon in the world, at least so they claim as more than 15.000 people come to the Excel Centre in London. 

    My parents flew in from Belgium to see me taking on this course, and in their eyes I’m still their crazy son. Together with my wife they surely gave me enough support to guide me through the entire race. 

    There is something special when you walk in the Excel Centre, a real buzz, a massive amount of people and surprisingly not a mess, well organised. And it is me who needs to thank the organisation as I lost one cycling shoe during transition and after a few days they rang me to tell that they will be sending my cycling shoe. Cool! 

    My results: 

    Swim: 1500m – 35:55

    T1: 4:05 (a long run into the Excel Centre)

    Bike: 40K – 1:15:15

    T2: 2:44

    Run: 10K – 58:06

    Total time: 2:56:02

    Age group position 231/341

    Tomorrow I will be doing my last Olympic of this year – Dorney, where it all began.

  • UK Ironman 70.3 2010 – My results, absolutely not!

    I might have completed my first 70.3 middle distance Ironman race on Sunday and I might have done the distance by swimming, cycling and running. But the absolute and only congratulations must go to my family. It sounds a bit like a cliché but I would not have been able to reach the Ironman 70.3 finish line if I didn’t get the absolute support I got from them. The countless scarifies my family and especially my wife went through where absolutely enormous, I come words too short to describe this.
    At the finish line I received a medal and here I would like to offer this medal to my entire family. During the course of about 6 months, with peaks of 12 hours training a week, they gave their support, their commitment in order for me to participate in the UK 70.3 Ironman. Shereen, many thanks for your support, day in day out, week in week out, you were standing there and the only thing I could think of when I passed the finish line was you – how you were there on my side the entire road, the road of accomplishment, no it wasn’t me but we achieved this together. Thanks!
    The results
    Before I mention the results I must say I had an absolute fantastic race, I truly enjoyed myself, the swim was great, nicely relaxed. The bike was though, an absolute killer, but not at a single point I wanted to give in and knew that I would make it. Then there was the run, my last run was from about 5 weeks ago due to my injury so I knew this would be my weakest discipline and could halt me of reaching the finish line with a DNF next to my name. Mentally I was prepared to run/walk, which is what I did, initially I had a bit of a stomach upset and towards the end my legs were trying to give in but I got there, running on the red carpet makes all pain disappear.
    UK 70.3 Ironman 2010 – Toughest 70.3 in the world
    Bike: 1700 m climbing
    Run: 1000m climbing – According to my Garmin 717m 
    Bib Number: 1096
    Total time: 7:04:04
    Swim: 44:02   – 1900 m
    T1: 6:28  - 400m uphill to T1
    Bike: 3:49:22 – 56 miles
    T2: 2:41
    Run: 2:21 (13.1 miles)
    Overall Position: 807/1178   (1081 finishers – Meaning 1 out 11 people DNF)
    Age Group Position:  169/221 finishers

    What have I learnt
    • Without support realising this would be almost impossible
    • With 100% dedication and determination you can achieve a lot
    • Pain is really temporary, quitting …
    • Garmin could do a better job with recording swim statistics
    PS: I will post some pictures, including medal, later on.

  • UK Ironman 70.3 – It’s that time of the year

    Wow – two weeks to go and then we will be making our way to Exmoor for my first ever middle distance triathlon or the 70.3 Ironman triathlon race. As you might have read in previous posts I will be doing the “toughest 70.3 Ironman” in the world – cough cough. Scary!
    Swim and bike training has been going well and feel that I’m prepared for these two, running that’s a different story. I have been suffering from the beginning of the year with my right quad and have not been running a lot. I had MRI scans a couple of weeks ago and have been diagnosed with a prolapsed L4/L5 disc which causes pain and numbness in my quad area. The specialist has told me to rest from running for 6 weeks and I had an epidural injection last week in hospital. The 1/2 Ironman event will be after 5 weeks of running rest and as such will still be doing the Ironman 70.3 event, the spinal specialis thas advised me not to participate, I will even if I have to crawl over the finish line (remember Pain is Temporary and quitting lasts forever), however I might regret this later. My last run was 11.3K and dates from 12th of May.
    In my mind I have started to prepare for the actual event, have been going through the online information several times. The entire setup is new to me, we need to plan for a Bike (=Blue) bag and a Run (=Red) bag and prepare a white bag for after the event with dry clothes. My bike will not contain my usual setup; we need to change into a separate area for both T1 and T2.
    The swim scares me; it will be a mass start with 1500 participants. I’m looking at a 50 minutes swim time for 1900m. I have added a few minutes just incase I get knocked a few times. After this a hill run follows of 400m towardsT1 and we have been advised to take it easy here as we could use a lot of energy on this hill whilst going into transition.
    The bike will be a killer, there is a total ascent of more than 1700m in 90K with a lot of technical turns and decents. I had a good practice weekend on the Isle of Wight with lots of little climbs but still managed to climb only around 1100m. I saw my average dropping to about 15 miles/hour whereas on similar distances this would be around 17 miles/hour.  Taking this average forward then I would get around in 3:40.
    Last but not least – the run. This is going to be a hilly run with some technical parts built in. Based upon my Reading 1/2 Marathon experience from last year then this would take me just over 2 hours. I have not been running and after a 90K hill bike ride I’m not planning to go crazy and hopefully I can get around in 2:30. 
    If my predictions are correct then I could pass the finish line just over 7 hours, but then again I really don’t care how long it will take this is really to test myself and see how far I can take my body and how deep I can dig.
    Nutrition, hmmm, what do I know about this, not much actually, there is just too much conflicting information available. In the beginning of the year I attended a seminar from someone from SIS. It was stated that during a 1/2 Ironman event your intake should be between 50 and 80mg of carbs. I’m going to aim for 70mg of carbs.
    This breaks down as follows:
    Assume my race predictions are correct and the total event lasts 7 hours then I would need to consume 490g carbs in total. 
    During the swim I cannot take anything in, so that leaves 6 hours for 490mg or 81mg every hour.
    I will stick with SIS and TORQ, after all I have been training with this.
    One SIS gel of 60g contains 21g of carbs, one 70g TORQ bar contains 45g of carbs, 750ml of SIS Electrolyte contains 55g carb, 750ml SIS Energy contains 70g Carb.
    Based upon this the following should be my nutrition plan:
    Hour 1: Swim – No nutrition
    Hour 2: Bar + Gel + SIS drink = 66g plus drink
    Hour 3: Bar + Gel + SIS drink = 66g plus drink
    Hour 4: 3 gels = 63g + SIS drink
    Hour 5: 3 gels = 63g + SIS drink
    Hour 6: 3 gels = 63g + Gatorade drink (supplied during race)
    Hour 7: 3 gels = 63g + Gatorade drink (supplied during race)
    I guess that’s all for now, will do a full write up after the event, till then happy racing.